Project approved to help control flooding in Deerfield Township

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A $390,000 project has been approved to help control flooding in Deerfield Township.

The project along Plainview Drive and Butler-Warren Road will begin soon, and take about two months to complete.

Residents in this area have experienced road and property flooding, even during modest rains.

The lack of sewers meant that storm water had nowhere to drain, and the area where all the flooding is going on is an area you would least expect it. Plainview Street is the highest point in southwest Ohio, so you expect water to drain down from the area, but that's not the case.

"Pretty much every year it seems like it gets worse, it may be that we are all just getting fed up," said resident Colleen Hammond.

Fed up with flooding like this, Hammond says it's been this way for the almost two decades she has lived in the neighborhood.

"When we get a lot of rain, especially all at once, you can't even get out of certain driveways here," she said.

Hammond says for years she and her neighbors have been pleading for something to be done about the problem and convincing local officials the highest point in the township is flooding was a challenge.

"When we first heard about it, we thought ok but weren't so sure," said Ben Yoder with the Deerfield Regional Storm District. "Then we saw pictures and couldn't believe how bad the flooding was for the highest point of the township."

Yoder says nearly $400,000 is earmarked to fix the flooding problems. Contractors will install 32 hundred feet of storm sewer pipe and construct 32 storm sewer structures.

"The new pipe that will go along Plainview Drive will be graded correctly so the water flows east to west and exits Plainview," he said.

And that's good news for residents like Hammond.

"This situation here and become so intolerable for all of us that is absolutely imperative that it be done, so I'm happy about it and I know everyone else is too," she said.

Of the nearly $400,000 for this project, some of that money will also go towards fixing some flooding problems on Butler Warren Road.

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