Tough Questions for Occupy Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Tuesday marked day four of Occupy Cincinnati, and as of early evening, police have issued 51 citations. No arrests have been made. A fluctuating group of about 20 to 30 people have been in Piatt Park downtown, spending the night in tents.

FOX19's Anne Thompson asked a few tough questions of Occupy Cincinnati participant Aaron Roco, a father of one, who lives in Clifton.

Question: "Why target corporations?  They are the ones who create jobs."

Answer: "We don't have a problem with the existence of corporations. We understand, like you said, that's where jobs are created. Our major issue, I believe, is their disproportionate influence over our government and our policy and over the creation of laws here in Cincinnati and around the country."

Question: "So why not take your concerns to elected officials?  They have regular meetings, and are there to represent you."

Answer: "We've reached out to those people in a number of different ways, we just haven't gotten maybe the best response. Things are unfolding very quickly and we realize that stuff like that takes time."

Question: "Do these protestors hold down jobs, or want to?"

Answer: "I work. I've got two part time jobs I use to patch things together. I generally lead a pretty regular life. I've got an apartment, and bills, and a car payment, and things I need to take care of and a child I need to provide for."

Question: "So do you make ends meet? Or not? Is that why you're here?"

Answer: "I struggle. Yeah, I definitely struggle."

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