Hamilton Police complete yearlong drug investigation

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - The Hamilton Police VICE section completed a year long drug investigation on Tuesday yielding a total of 70 felony drug indictments that were for 34 suspects.

"In the last few years we've had an increase, with prescription drugs, and its become a pretty big problem here," said Officer Kristy Collins. "Complaints were coming from neighbors, neighborhoods in the Hamilton area, complaining that there was a lot of drug dealing going on."
Authorities say the dealing was going on in Hamilton's north end, mainly involving prescription drugs.
"This was a year long investigation, obviously it takes time to build the case, we just thank the neighborhood for voicing the complaint because sometimes that's all we get and that's all we know to go forward with investigations," Collins said.

The VICE section, along with assistance from the Patrol Division and the Community Oriented Policing Section, arrested 16 of the 34 suspects on Tuesday. The department is continuing to search for the remaining 18 suspects.

"This is the type of investigation that takes time to build," said Sgt. Wade McQueen, VICE Section Supervisor.

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