Police Chief: 'Occupy' protestors "could be" arrested

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Police Department is discussing a strategy to deal with Occupy Cincinnati protestors. The group has been camping out at area parks since Saturday to bring attention to their cause.

"We've had an ongoing dialogue with Occupy Cincinnati since last weekend," said Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig. "Saturday, I personally met with organizers, or the leadership team several times since that time. Its been a very cooperate effort."

Officers have been issuing $105 citations for being in a public park after hours but that doesn't mean the protestors have a free pass for the night.

"That's just like you get a free pass if you run a red light, or get a free pass when you run a stop sign. Of course not. There are sanctions," said Craig.

Ticket recipients could have a warrant issued for their arrest if they fail to pay the fine.

One option the police department is considering placing the protestors under arrest.

"They could be (arrested). That's definitely a strategy we're looking at. When that's going to happen we're still discussing that from a strategic end," said Craig.

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