More "fake pot" products being found in the Tri-State

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - Police and health officials have issued a warning about fake marijuana products. They say the products are dangerous and bad for your health, and they can be found right here in the Tri-State.

Jennifer Allen of Florence says her 19 year-old son Chris has had a troubled adolescence, but his problems only got worse six months ago when he started smoking a synthetic marijuana product called K-2.

"We thought he was using something heavier because he was stealing a whole lot of money...300 to 500 dollars a week," said Allen.

Jennifer had her son committed to a state psychiatric hospital following his two-day binge on K-2. Public health officials say more and more teens and young adults are showing up in emergency rooms after smoking the fake marijuana, but efforts to have it outlawed have failed.

"The last legislative session a bill was passed to outlaw these certain substances and what happens is that the manufacturers get the law, see what the substances are that are banned and then they tweak here and tweak there and all at once they have a substance that's now legal again," said Florence Police Captain Linny Cloyd.

The legal weed is growing in popularity because it's cheap and delivers a powerful high.

Allen says her son still suffers from delusions and paranoia and she's not sure if he'll ever be himself again.

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