Cops Looking For Unlicensed Plumber

His victims say they were blind-sided.

"He seemed like a pretty good guy," Shirley Hembree told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi. Back to Shirley in a moment.

His name is Jeff Hembree. And Middletown's Chief Building Inspector says beware!

"He's taking the money before the job was completed. Not completing a job. Using the wrong materials. Just improper work," explained Barbara Castells.

Those are merely a few of the complaints Castells' office has received regarding Jeff Hembree. Earlier this year - he did prison time for drug possession. Now - Middletown Police is looking for him for writing bad checks and practicing plumbing without a license. Insurance. Or a bond.

Back to Shirley Curtis.

She says Hembree cost her thousands of dollars. Shirley paid Hembree $2,400 dollars to repair a broken sewer line. The job wasn't done right, and raw sewage backed up into the family's basement.

As a result, Shirley was forced to pay another company more than three thousand dollars to fix Hembree's mess

"I'd really like to see him run out of business."

It appears though Jeff Hembree is some what already out of business. And on the run. He vacated his house at 2300 Central Avenue in Middletown months ago. And telephone numbers listed in the Yellow Pages are disconnected.

If you have any information where he is - call the Middletown Police Department at 513 425-7700.

In the meantime - Jeff Hembree in the tell. Tom Dog House!