Xavier University Honored by People Working Cooperatively

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Xavier University has been honored with the Chairman's Award by People Working Cooperatively (PWC) for their work in the field of business.

Xavier has helped People Working Cooperatively in many areas, including the work of Dr. Art Shriberg and Joe Carter, director of the Sedler Family Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, in creating PWC's new social enterprise through the Xavier University Launch-a-Business (X-LAB) program.

Claire Morress, occupational therapy instructor, and her team of occupational therapists will complete a series of demonstration projects to help PWC provide well-designed modifications and also measure the benefit they provide for customers.

Xavier's Community Building Institute is involved in a survey of PWC clients conducted over a period of months that will measure and evaluate the impact of PWC's whole house repair, energy conservation, and modification services.

The Chairman's Award is given only to those who have directly benefited PWC's mission of serving low income elderly and disabled homeowners with critical home repairs and service.

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