Grandmother featured in conflicting Issue 2 ads speaks out

The woman featured in two conflicting ads surrounding the Issue 2 debate is speaking out.

She says the ad put together by the pro-SB5 campaign "Building a Better Ohio" misrepresents her position on the issue.

"I looked at that and thought 'How dare them?" Marlene Quinn exclaimed. "I didn't give them permission to do this. They didn't even ask me. They just stole it and said 'She's an old lady, she won't know any better.' They don't know this old lady!"

When Marlene Quinn sat down to watch the new ad that uses her words in favor of Issue 2, she was not happy.

"They stole my words. I didn't say I would vote 'yes'. In fact I said I would vote 'no'," Quinn said.

Quinn says she has already voted 'no'. She says she put in her absentee ballot two weeks ago.

"It upsets me greatly because it makes me look like, 'Well, this woman doesn't know what she's talking about, she says "no" and then turns around and says "yes," and it really bothers me," she said.

Quinn feels there is no way her words could possibly support the other side.

"That's not their argument. They get up there and say all kinds of stuff that's not true," Quinn argued. "If they take, say the firefighters. If they take the rights away from them as to what equipment they need, how many men they need to fight a fire, ugh, that's right?! I don't think so. That's not right. And that's why you vote no on this."

As for the argument that the ad is simply an expression of free speech, Quinn is not buying it.

"It's not their speech! Its mine!" she said emphatically. "And I already gave my speech so they can't use mine. They can use theirs, I'm not against that but they're not using mine!"

After getting home from the retreat, Quinn did not waste much time making it clear what she was looking for.

"They insulted my son and my great granddaughter who were in the fire and me," she said. "They're stealing my words and I think they owe us an apology."

For those who still have not pulled the ad, she is asking even more.

"I have to be nice don't I?" Quinn asked with a laugh. "They should pull it because it's not true,"

According to a spokesperson for "We are Ohio" who spent the afternoon with Quinn, he says she has yet to decide what course of action she'll take and whether that will include legal action.

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