Ohio Rep. introducing 'Zoey Protection Act' in response to Issue 2 ad

Marlene Quinn
Marlene Quinn

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) - State Rep. Tracy Maxwell Heard (D-Columbus) held a press conference Friday announcing she will soon be introducing legislation to prevent the misuse of campaign materials in response to the recent Issue 2 ad featuring Marlene Quinn.

Marlene Quinn, of Cincinnati, appeared in a commercial for We Are Ohio, the group urging a no vote on Issue 2.  She told the story of her granddaughter Zoey's rescue from a burning home by a fireman.

Building a Better Ohio, the campaign supporting Issue 2, took the audio of Quinn and video of the ad and used it in a television ad across the state urging a yes vote on Issue 2, without citation or reference to its origination.

"This bill would prohibit campaign materials for a candidate or ballot issue from using an image, audio clip, or video that was originally used by another candidate or issue campaign without crediting the original source of the material," said Heard.

Rep. Heard's legislation is in response to this recent controversy and would require a simple citation, either audio or written, giving credit to the original source of the material of another candidate or issue campaign.

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