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Cars thieves want the most

You won't find any fancy new cars at the top of the list.

It's no secret why thieves favor the older cars over the newer ones.

AAA Arizona's Mary Pekas says, "The bottom line is that thieves want to steal things that are easier to steal. Newer cars come equipped with better technology for anti-theft."

Tucson police say that's especially true for those cars built from 2006 until now.

Police Sergeant James Wakefield says, "The older model vehicles tend to be easier to steal. Often people that own them assume that people won't be interested in the stealing them because they think their worth less."

So owners of older cars let their guard down. Where do those cars end up?

"Sometimes the vehicles end up in chop shops where they're stripped for valuable parts. Sometimes the high dollar vehicles or larger SUV's end up in Mexico," Wakefield says.

Here's something else you'll want to know.

If your car is on the list of most-stolen vehicles, your auto insurance could cost more. So you may want to talk to your insurance agent.

"Ask and see if that's made an impact on your premium and ask for ways you can help reduce that such as installing anti-theft devices on your vehicle," says the AAA's Pekas.

And where are you more likely to get your car stolen?

Sgt. Wakefield says, "Quite often, the larger shopping centers, Walmarts, the malls, the larger apartment complexes tend to have a higher auto theft rate than other locations. The reason for that is because there's such a large pool of vehicles for the thieves to choose from."

Worst case scenario:  Your car can be stolen no matter what you do.

Never keep your title in it and always have important information ready to give police.

"Have the VIN number, or vehicle identification number handy, your insurance information handy when you call the police officers out. Provide that to them. Provide that over the phone.  The license number as well," Wakefield says.

The Insurance Crime Bureau has advice for drivers to try to protect their cars:

  • Always lock your car.
  • Use warning devices like car alarms.
  • Use immobilizing devices like smart keys and "kill" switches.
  • Use tracking devices like LoJack that alert police.

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