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Voters on both sides react to Cain climbing in polls

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) -- As Herman Cain continues to gain momentum, both local Republicans and Democrats say they're listening closely to learn more about the policy behind his platform.

"It's still early, but there's a general like for Herman Cain overall," said Chris Littleton of the West Chester Tea Party.

Tea party members say that's mainly because Cain's background is more about business and less about government.
"One of the things that people like about him, is that he doesn't have a long history within government, so people like the fact that he's a CEO, that he was a self made guy," Littleton said.
But in regards to Cain's most notable 9-9-9 plan, Tea Party members say doing away with the existing tax code raises some serious questions that have yet to be answered.
"I think there's some legitimate questions that were brought up in that debate with regards to creation of a new tax, and that's something that we're not necessarily keen to those ideas, putting new taxes down, so you really go to think about how something like that plays out," Littleton said.
"999 is definitely a regressive form of taxation, through out our history we've had a progressive tax system," said Mark Hardig of the Butler County Democratic Party.
Harding says Cain's 999 plan isn't in line with the candidate's stance as a fiscal conservative.
"A Republican candidate who claims to be a fiscal conservative is proposing a whole new tax and a federal sales tax, a federal sales tax is a very regressive tax, which hits disproportionately poor and middle class people," Hardig said.
The West Chester Tea Party says the typically don't endorse any specific candidates seeking the GOP nomination.

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