Occupy Cincinnati hits one week

Occupy Cincinnati shows no signs of slowing down. It has been a week since the occupation officially hit Cincinnati drawing dozens to Fountain Square to protest corporate greed and corporate lobbyists.

Since Sunday people have been camping out at Piatt Park despite park hours closing from 10pm to 6am.

But filling the park almost put a damper on some local couples wedding plans. The park is a popular spot for wedding photos, yet bride Julie Hoerr and her groom Andy were not expecting a background filled with protestors.

Luckily, the protestors were willing to compromise and push their tents back as far as possible causing less interference for the bride and grooms special day.

"Little switching but that's okay to me. Obviously this is America, if people want to protest down there then they have the right to," says Andy Hoerr.

Wedding vendor and venue The Cincinnati Club says several brides have been upset over the protestors but are happy they are accommodating.

"This is one of the most beautiful areas in the city and I think that their presence has caused a lot of detriment to a lot of the businesses around here," says Diana Dawson, owner of The Cincinnati Club.

Other businesses in the area voiced concerns over the occupiers using the bathrooms to shower and the back alley as a toilet.

But not everyone is bothered, FOX19 talked with several restaurants and a nearby convenience store that has no problem with the protestors.

So far Cincinnati police have issued about 180 citations, each citation totals 105 dollars.

Wednesday occupiers with citations filled the Hamilton County Justice Center to plead not guilty on all citations. They are currently waiting for a pre-trial to be scheduled later this month.

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