Fairfield residents file formal complaints in money laundering scheme

Tom Burer (Source: Hamilton Journal)
Tom Burer (Source: Hamilton Journal)

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - Several Fairfield residents have filed a formal complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission in a money laundering case involving the bus maintenance contractor for the Fairfield City Schools, Tom Burer.

Burer, 61, pled guilty in September to attempted tampering with a campaign finance report, after he secretly placed $28,000 to the campaign fund for a Fairfield School board member back in 2009.

The complaint filed on Friday brought formal charges against 26 individuals and corporate entities, as well as ten "John Does" for violations of Ohio elections law in the complex money laundering scheme to influence the 2009 Fairfield School Board elections.

The persons against whom the Complaint was filed include former Fairfield Board of Education member Sharon Ko, who resigned when the conspiracy was announced in August.  

Other respondents include Ko's campaign committee and Moms on a Mission, a PAC that was used to funnel the illegal contributions, and the individual contributors in whose name the illegal contributions were made.

The Complaint was filed under Ohio Revised Code Section 3517.13(G)(1) that provides, "No person shall knowingly conceal or misrepresent contributions given or received, expenditures made, or any other information required to be reported" by Ohio Election law.

The Ohio Elections Commission has authority to levy a fine of up to $10,000 per conspirator and to refer the matter to the prosecutor for further action criminally.

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