Jury seated in Marcus Isreal trial

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Jury selection is complete for the trial of a Middletown man who is accused of is killing Warren County Deputy Sgt. Brian Dulle. Ten women, two men, one female alternate and one male alternate have been chosen.

On May 10, 2011, police were pursuing a car driven by Marcus Isreal. Sgt. Dulle was putting out stop sticks when he was struck and killed instantly by the car Isreal was driving.

Marcus Israel, 23, showed little emotion in court as a pool of 68 potential jurors were questioned in groups of eight and 12 by prosecutors and defense attorneys.
"Anything about your background that would keep you from deciding this case, solely on what you learned in the courtroom and what I tell you is the law?" Judge James Flannery asked jurors.

Sgt. Dulle's wife and his parents were in court for most of jury selection, there were also extra law enforcement in the court room. Israel's attorney Clyde Bennett questioned potential jurors about any preconceived opinions they may have in the case.
"Can you really look at the law in critical to make certain that you are actually following the law that Judge Flannery has given you, as compared to an intuition," Bennett asked jurors.
Prosecutors also asked jurors if they could disregard law enforcement TV shows that don't always mirror reality.
"CSI and NCIS those shows are really entertainment, they're shows maybe with some small basis in fact, but that's not realistic law enforcement," said Assistant Prosecutors Andrew Sievers.
Israel's attorney has expressed concern with the potential for an all white jury from the beginning, Judge Flannery asked jurors how or if the defendant's race would play a role in their verdict.
"Is there anything about skin color that tells you if a person did or did not do something," Judge Flannery questioned to jurors.
Tuesday jurors will tour the scene of the high speed chase, and accident, followed by opening statements.

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