Sen. Bill Seitz rallies unions to defeat Issue 2

MIAMITOWN, OH (FOX19) - State Senator Bill Seitz delivered the keynote speech during Monday night during a rally in Miamitown to energize police and fire fighter unions against Issue 2. The measure would take away collective bargaining rights from Ohio's employees unions.

The Cincinnati Republican was removed from a senate commitee before the panel voted on the measure. Seitz was reportedly replaced to ensure that the bill passed.

Seitz told the police and fire fighter unions that issue 2 over reaches and he describes it as a bad bill.

The unions are sparing no efforts to see the measure defeated and are telling their rank and file to urge everyone they come in contact with to vote against the bill.

Police and fire fighters are also concerned that a recent ad campaign by supporters of issue two may confuse some voters so the unions are redoubling their efforts to make sure their message is heard.