Jury watches dash cam video in Marcus Isreal trial

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - The prosecution and defense made their opening statements Tuesday in the Marcus Isreal trial.

Isreal, 23, is charged with murder for the death of Sgt. Brian Dulle, a Warren County Sheriff's Deputy.

Dulle was laying down stop sticks when he was struck and killed by a car Isreal was driving.

During opening statements, prosecutor David Fornshell replayed for the jury what happened in the early morning hours of May 10. It all started when Isreal stole a car from the Take a Break Lounge in Middletown.

Fornshell said Isreal stole a black Cadillac from the lounge, and led police on a chase. He was traveling at 126 miles per hour when he struck Sgt. Dulle.

Fornshell asked the jury to come back with a verdict of guilty of murder.

During opening statements for the defense, attorney Clyde Bennett admitted right off the bat that Isreal was responsible for Dulle's death. However, Bennett said Isreal was not guilty of murder.

Bennett said Isreal had one purpose - to escape. And hitting anything or anyone would have kept him from that goal.

After a lunch break, jurors heard testimony from several officers, including Sheriff Larry Sims, who talked about Dulle's background and his family, and Franklin officers Jake Lacon and Christopher Keene, who were the first two officers involved in the pursuit.

"Still driving very rapid, very fast," said Franklin Police officer Jacob Lacon.
"We were traveling at such a high rate of speed we approached his location faster than he realized," said Christopher  Keene, another Franklin Police Officer.

Jurors also heard radio traffic from Franklin and watched dash cam video from Keene's cruiser.

When the radio traffic was played, Dulle's family, including his wife, Abbie, cried.

Karen Richardson, a witness to the pursuit, told the jury she feared for her life as she tried to dodge the vehicle flying towards her.
"He was coming directly at me, and he wasn't budging and I was panicking at that minute because I didn't have but seconds to make a decision,"  Richardson said.

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