Fans sound off on Carson Palmer's exit from Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There are plenty of devoted - and some not-so-devoted - Bengals fans in the Tri-State.   They were happy to give FOX19 a piece of their mind when it comes to Carson Palmer trading his Bengals stripes for an Oakland outfit.

Jeff Mersman of Covington said, "I'm happy for Carson because I don't think he wanted to quit playing football but he stuck to his guns and he wasn't going to go back to playing for the Bengals – it's nice to see a man that sticks to his guns."

Dave Pratt of Ft. Thomas told us he was, "Very disappointed in the way he (Palmer) handled his exit from Cincinnati."

Pam Owens of Amelia said, "I think the Bengals will do a good job and I don't think we're going to miss him."

Steve Ketter of Reading didn't mince words, "I think it's a great trade and we need to make it and do it and move on and get that bum outta town."

Ian Holten of Verona, KY, added, "I think Carson got tired of mediocrity and did his best to protest it and to me why would you want to have someone play for you that doesn't want to play for you?"

Fans also reacted to Mike Brown's last-minute decision.

C.J. of Cincinnati summed it up this way, "All I can say is miracles do happen."

Meanwhile, merchandise sellers are turning the page as well and the mid-priced Andy Dalton jerseys are hard to come by. "We just don't have enough. Nobody does," said Eric Koch of Koch Sporting Goods. "Nobody really knew how good he was going to be so the supply didn't necessarily meet the demand at this point."

The Carson Palmer Jersey was a hot seller when he came to town with his high profile, number one draft pick status. "Now, with Andy Dalton, its kind of been a little slower. But as he gets more wins in his rookie season, it kind of continues to snowball. And, right now, all we are getting are calls for Andy Dalton jerseys," said Koch.

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