Local military mom reacts to troop return

Clermont county is home to more than its share of soldiers serving in Iraq.  One of them is Sgt. Jacob Cook, the son of Bonnie Warman.  When she heard that her son will be home before the end of the year Bonnie said "Thank God finally...finally they can come home and maybe secure some kind of a normal life...and I'm thrilled that they're coming home."

Sgt. Cook is now on his third tour of duty with the army and his brother, Nathan serves with the Army in Germany.

Bonnie says she's had many sleepless night worrying about Jacob who had been in the infantry "I was so scared...immediately told him this is not a video game...they will be shooting real bullets at you....please, but its something he really wanted to do and he wanted to do it."

Jacob Cook is now a helicopter mechanic, but his mother still worries and wants him home. "I think we should have pulled out a couple of years ago...I'm not very political as some of my friends and cohorts are....as a mother and hearing what my children say...we should have been out of there a long time ago."

The family is planning a big reunion in Washington state when Jacob returns from Iraq.

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