Occupy Cincinnati looking for a new place to protest

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Members of Occupy Cincinnati are thinking about moving their protest out of Piatt Park. Police have begun enforcing the park's 10pm curfew by making arrests. Some of the protesters describe Piatt Park as "a hot bed of oppression."

The group held a "general assembly" meeting in the park Saturday to discuss other locations for the protest and the future direction of the movement.  Protesters like Dan La Butz say, "Public spaces of the city should be available to the citizens especially in the exercise of free speech at this crucial moment in history when corporations and banks exert such power over the American society."

City councilman Wayne Lippert says the group needs to obey the law. He says, "If they're in Piatt Park after 10pm they'll face the consequences...so again we have a great country...we're allowed free speech, but with free speech comes responsibilities and certain limits."

Councilman Lippert has a few suggestions for the group.

"I think their message is somewhat cluttered and they need to start influencing campaigns and elections so they need to be better organized, come up with a better message in order to influence policy."

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