"Occupy" Piatt Park ends with group moving to sidewalk

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The "occupation" of Piatt Park in downtown Cincinnati is over. The group occupy Cincinnati says it will now abide the park rules and move its group off the premises when the park closes at 10 PM. But, that doesn't mean they are going away.

For more than two weeks, demonstrators stood their ground and camped out in Piatt Park around the clock. Occupy Cincinnati will now move its demonstrations out of the park at closing time, saying its too much of a financial burden on its people. "In light of all of this and all of the pending legal issues. We are planning tonight to occupy, but we'll be occupying the sidewalks and not in the actual park area," said Occupy spokesperson, Kristen Brand.

Over the past three nights, Cincinnati police have arrested 45 people and have issued nearly 200 citations totally tens of thousands of dollars in fines. The tents that lined the park over the past two weeks are now gone. Something city leaders have been calling for. "The city did not win. We actually occupied for two weeks straight. And we were able to do that. So our voice is getting heard," said Brand.

Those issued citations will be arraigned in court Monday. They will not have to appear and will be represented by two attorneys who are working pro bono for Occupy Cincinnati.

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