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County Corruption investigation widens, three years after the first FBI raids

The Cuyahoga County Corruption scandal is still unfolding, more than three years after the first FBI raids.

19 Action News learned that just last week, the Feds filed new charges against Jimmy Dimora.

The new indictment outlines the activities of many more people, referring to them by either their job or business but not by name.

The toughest part of analyzing the federal investigation is figuring out if people who can be identified are players in County Corruption or just collateral damage because of their harmless association with Dimora. One who is named is Dimora's wife Lori.

Jimmy Dimora comes and goes to court with his attorney's defending damaging and embarassing allegations. That's the public Jimmy.

But the private Jimmy is often accompanied by his wife Lori, a woman he put into the public eye when the Feds say he had her write checks to make it look like he was making payments on lavish home improvements, trips, meals and more. We later learned that that was all given to him for free by contractors winning county contracts.

In fact, Dimora knew he was under suspicion when he had Doan Pyramid's Michael Forlani reimburse him for a Beanie Wells jersey, the check was made out to Lori Dimora.

Lori Dimora isn't the only person named in the reams of indictments that have come out. In an effort to win approval from ODOT to put an electric sign on a piece of ground near Progressive Field Forlani urged Dimora to interceed with the district director. A person who matches the description of former director Bonnie Teeuwen. They met, but it is unclear if she helped because there is still no sign.

But the Feds did tape a call where Forlani jokes with the director saying "Hi, this is Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo's personal secretary. Can I help you?" the director laughed and said, "The question is, how can I help you?

19 Action News is certainly not saying that anyone not charged did anything wrong.

As you'll recall Ed Fitzgerald, Tim Hagan and Peter Lawson Jones are all named in earlier indictments with no hint of any wrongdoing.

It's just not a list you don't want to be on.

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