Marcus Isreal found guilty of murder

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - The verdict is in for the Marcus Isreal trial. Israel was found guilty of eight of the nine charges he faced.

Those charges included murder, involuntary manslaughter, aggravated vehicular homicide, receiving stolen property, failure to comply with police, felonious assault and gun possession. Isreal was found not guilty on one of the felonious assault charges.

Jurors deliberated for about four hours before reaching a verdict.

"The system worked, so I suppose justice was done but it doesn't bring back Brian to his wife, kids who he loved so much," said Ed Dulle, Brian's father. "Our hearts are going to be heavy every day for the rest of our lives."

"They should have had more African Americans on the jury. That's all I have to say," said Isreal's mother, Carla Comyra.

There were no African Americans on the jury. Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell addressed that issue after the verdict was read.

"There is nothing inherently discrimatory about the way Warren County picks it's juries," said Fornshell. "Nor do I think, as (defense attorney Clyde) Mr. Bennett said over the course of this trial it was about race in any way."

Isreal could be sentenced to life in prison for his conviction.

Sentencing for Marcus Isreal will be held Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. at the Warren County Courthouse.

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