Casino developers in Cincinnati and Cleveland exceeding construction inclusion goals

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Rock Gaming and Caesars entertainment announced on Monday that they have exceeded construction inclusion goals regarding minorities and women.

Through the initial nine months of project construction in Cincinnati and Cleveland, the company has awarded more than 41 percent of contracts to minority and women-owned businesses. Those contracts total more than $65 million to companies with Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) or Women Business Enterprises (WBE) certifications.

"The concept of an urban casino involves contracting urban-based businesses, including women and minorities. We are committed to hiring firms that reflect Cleveland's and Cincinnati's rich and diverse environment," said Jeff Cohen, principal, Rock Gaming.

In Cincinnati, Rock Gaming has awarded contracts worth $82 million, with more than 35 percent awarded to MBE and WBE certified companies. ROC anticipates the total for the construction of the casino to be $150 million to open in spring of 2013.

Cleveland has generated contracts valued at $75 million with 49 percent awarded to MBE and WBE certified companies. The total Phase 1 construction cost is estimated to be $107 million. Horseshoe Cleveland is expected to open in March of 2012.

"Achieving an inclusive construction project starts at the top," said Steve Rosenthal, also a principal of Rock Gaming.

ROC established a voluntary MBE/WBE inclusion goal of 20 percent for each construction project, and contracted with local diversity consultants in each city to assist with achieving that goal.

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