PETA 'zombies' encourage going vegan

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Some PETA members, dressed as zombies, converged at Jeff Ruby's steakhouse in downtown Cincinnati on Tuesday to urge everyone to eat vegan.

PETA says its message is that "horror and death are everyday facts of life for animals raised and killed for food and that the best way not to be confused with a zombie is to stop eating animals and go vegan."

It's unlikely that the protest had much effect on business.  Unlike these zombies, Jeff Ruby's isn't in operation during lunch hours.

A release from PETA doesn't make any particular claims about Jeff Ruby's, but all the entrees, appetizers, and raw bar items listed online at the restaurant feature meat (including seafood), and it features a display of beef being aged.

FOX19's Tricia Macke spoke to Jeff Ruby to get a comment about the protests, and he said, "One of the things that make America so great is it's freedom of speech...and another is its steakhouses!"

The Vegan diet advocated by PETA not only excludes meat, but also eggs, milk and all other animal products.  An employee at Jeff Ruby's had no comment on it.

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