Beverly Hills Supper Club rescuer could die "indigent"

Willie Snow
Willie Snow

SOUTHGATE, KY (FOX19) - A man who rescued several people from the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire has died. But now there is a big complication with his final arrangements.

Willie Snow pulled several people from that fire both dead and alive. Now, three decades later there is no one to claim his body, meaning this local hero may not receive a proper final goodbye.

Snow, a kitchen manager at the club died of a heart attack in his Bond Hill home in August. He was among the hundreds of rescue workers who helped.

"He'd hand you one and go back and get more. That's the kind of guy he was," said friend and co-worker, Dave Brock who helped Willie that evening. "It was what we had to do. It was like a war zone. He just kept on continuing going back in and trying to help as many people as he could," said Brock, who set up a small museum remembering the fire at the Sin City Antiques and Treasures shop he owns in Newport.

Snow stopped his own personal rescue effort when the fire department threatened to have state police handcuff him if he went back into the burning building.

"That's the kind of person he was. You never think people like that will ever go. But we use to remember about the days we went through. He was a good man," said Brock.

According to Brock, Willie Snow has a daughter who lives in Cincinnati but who apparently has no interest in claiming her father's body nearly three months after his death.

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