CVG considers tearing down terminals

CINCINNATI (AP/FOX19) - Cincinnati's shrinking main airport is exploring whether to demolish two of its three terminals.

A $31 million renovation at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is putting all its passenger gates into Terminal 3. Airport officials say they are paying a consultant $85,000 to study whether the 65-year-old Terminal 1 and the 37-year-old Terminal 2 should be torn down.

"We're not giving up, we're moving forward," CVG Spokeswoman Barbara Schempf said. " It's a new day at CVG and a new day in the airline industry."

She says the study is expected to be complete in the summer of 2012 which is when the airport expects to make a final decision.

"Is it going to cost us more to bring this back to life, to give us all the amenities we want for our passengers and our airlines? Or is it better to demolish and move into concourse A," she explained.

Concourse A in Terminal three will boast 8 new gates starting in 2012. Currently terminal 1 now houses the airport's administrative offices.

Airport CEO Candace McGraw has said that moving them, possibly into Terminal 3, could save $1.5 million in annual operating and maintenance costs for Terminal 1.

The airport now has a lot of empty space because of cutbacks by Delta Air Lines, which has made big cutbacks in its Cincinnati hub.

Aviation expert Jay Ratliff says while the gate additions to Terminal 3 is welcomed news, it is not enough to outweigh the continuing flight loss.

"That's probably the only positive that we can come up with at this point and time," Ratliff said. "Certainly if they can add gates to anything that they have now that's a positive. The question is can we get airlines in here to use those gates."

As for the possible demolition of two of the airport's terminals, Ratcliff says it is only a natural progression for the airport.

"I guess yeah, its good to consolidate from a business logistics standpoint," he said. "But it's certainly not a good sign when you go from 700 flights a day down to 175 departures and that number is going to continue to shrink."

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