Legal action filed against anti-streetcar group

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A pro-rail organization in Cincinnati filed legal action with the Ohio Elections Commission against COAST.

Cincinnatians for Progress says that COAST knowingly made false statements, mainly on its twitter account, to effect the outcome of the Issue 48 election vote.

In the case, it cites twenty instances in the past two months in which they say COAST made false statements in violation of Ohio Revised Code Section 3517.22. The biggest claim Cincinnatians for Progress says that COAST made was that the city has taken funds away from fire services to fund the street car project.

Issue 48 would bar the city from spending any money on any rail projects until 2021. A vote for "yes" would stop the project and a vote for "no" would allow the projects.

Anyone found guilty of violating Section 3517.22 could be put in prison for up to six months or fined up to $ 5,000.

Cincinnatians for progress is against Issue 48.

A representative from COAST responded to these allegations by saying "I guess they looked at the polls and knew we were going to win...It's a last minute gasp we see every election…they never found us fault for anything before, and they certainly won't this time either."

Issue 48 is on the November ballot.

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