AAA asking people in Ohio to help ban texting while driving

AAA is calling on its members and the public to help ban texting while driving.

AAA and Clear Channel Outdoor are campaigning in support of House Bill 99. House Bill 99 would ban texting behind the wheel for all drivers across Ohio.

The group is placing billboards saying "dnt txt n drv" across the state. They also encourage drivers to call the toll-free number 1-855-BAN-TEXT, when they are safely stopped, to show their support of the law.

"Texting behind the wheel is the most dangerous distraction and deserves to be banned with a statewide law," said Elaine Zeinner, AAA spokesperson, "There is remarkable public consensus on the need for a law and AAA is encouraging the public to express its support directly to the Senate."

AAA encourages the public to consider these key facts on texting behind the wheel:

  • Ninety-three percent of AAA members support a law against texting while driving.
  • A growing body of research confirms that taking your hands off the wheel, eyes off the road and mind off driving radically increases your chances of causing a crash.
  • The average time spent looking away from the road while texting is 4.6 seconds. This amount of time with eyes off the road clearly distinguishes texting as the most dangerous distraction.

AAA would like people to call their representatives to support House Bill 99, which is in hearings in the Senate Highways & Transportation Committee.

Currently 34 states including Kentucky and Indiana have texting laws in place. Ohio does not have a state wide texting law in place although some cities in the state, including Cincinnati, have made it illegal to text while driving.