Both sides of streetcar issue turn up the heat

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Both sides of Issue 48 are working hard to press their point as Election Day draws near.

Streetcar supporters held a rally Tuesday evening to urge a NO vote on Issue 48 which they warn will not only derail the street car project, but other transportation projects as well. Groups like Cincinnatians for Progress say the first phase of the project will create more than 300 construction jobs and 25 permanent jobs. Plus they predict thousands of new residents in the city's urban core.

Mayor Mark Mallory and others warn that the measure would also stifle other transportation projects.

"Obviously we want to have every opportunity we can to attract economic development, to attract jobs, to create jobs," said Mallory. "If Issue 48 passes it will really keep us from bringing new jobs to Cincinnati in some areas, we have to have that flexibility."

However, opponents of the project argue that the three-mile round trip is too short.

"We can't afford it, its too expensive, its 90-million dollars," said city council woman Amy Murray.

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