Reality Check: What will the Lakota levy really pay for?

(FOX19) - The issue pretty simple.

Voters have rejected the Lakota levy before, including last November.

In a week, they will decide whether to reject it again or instead, this time, pass the levy.

Lindsay King wrote me saying she has 2 kids in the Lakota district and she refuses to be an uniformed voter.

Here's what she wants to know.

"Before I vote yea or nay I'd like to know if transportation or building improvements are what we're voting for, or if we're simply going to balloon the school board salaries. Unfortunately, this is such a hot issue that the only things I can find are sites devoted to simply "yes" or "no""

Finding the info is a little tricky.  But that's what we do, and here's what I found.

The Lakota levy is for 4.75 mills.  The cost to the average homeowner in West Chester would be a little over $300 a year, because the average home in the area is about $230,000 dollars.

The type of levy being asked for is an operating levy.

The Lakota district says the operating levy would cover general operations including maintenance and general upkeep of 22 school buildings.

That is true, but there is more

According to the Ohio Revised Code of Tax Levy Law, these general levies, in the case of school districts cover the amounts necessary for the maintenance and operation and repair of schools but also covers the amounts necessary for tuition and the state teachers retirement system.

So we are not just talking about repairing buildings.

And to be clear, there is nothing that indicates passing the levy will guarantee restoring bus service.

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