Companies Help Out Senior

An 82-year-old widow was recently beaten out of a thousand bucks. That's how much Ruth Dunbar paid an under-handed handyman to fix her roof.

"They made it a lot worse than it was instead of better," she told FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi.

The work is shoddy and incomplete. And the roof is ready to collapse. Efforts to find Fred Katon, the handyman Ruth first hired, were unsuccessful. And Ruth couldn't afford to have this mess fixed.

But after FOX 19 ran a story on Ruth's problem, the phones lines lit up with volunteers to help repair the trusting senior's roof.

Three Tri-State companies: Mueller Roofing, Tom Scanlon of T.C. Construction and Zero Company donated their time and materials. And gave Ruth a new porch roof.

"I just can't believe somebody would take advantage of an elderly person like that," said Dave Lagreca of the Zero Company.

The professionals who fixed the problem say Fred Katon flat out ripped Ruth off.

"It had been jerry-rigged. Very structurally unsafe," said Tom Scanlon.

But thanks to FOX 19's viewers, Ruth can now sit on her porch without worrying about it falling down.

"It looks better than when I bought the house," says Ruth.

You can read Sussi's first story on this problem in the Tell, Tom archives.