Businesses ramp up hiring for the holidays

KENWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Christmas music and Christmas lights are going up just days after Halloween. Along with all the Christmas cheer, stores are starting to bring in more workers for the holiday season.

Kenwood Towne Center is currently hiring extra staff, and almost every store in the mall is hiring for the season.

"Every year we get prepared for larger number of people. Not only the center itself, but the parking lots because we know [there's] increased traffic," said Cindy Hart, marketing manager for Kenwood Towne Centre.

Macy's is the local company hiring the most seasonal employees; they're looking for 78,000 workers. Kohl's is looking to hire 40,000 people, and JC Penny is looking for 35,000. And for shipping those holiday gifts on time, FedEx needs 20,000 workers.

Locally, UPS is ready to pick up 400 drivers in the greater Cincinnati area, as well as part-time packers in its shipping facilities.

Nationwide, UPS needs 50,000 employees.

The list expands beyond the retail giants. Career expert Julie Bauke recommends thinking outside the box when it comes to grabbing a seasonal job.

"There's extra workloads for caters, for sitters, for pet sitters, maybe even just the traditional office environment. You might call and ask if they got any opportunities to fill in for people over the holidays," she says.

She also says that the job you take for the holidays can turn into a full-time position.

"If you do a good job during a short period of time it's almost like a test drive you get to test drive them and their test driving you as an employee."

To search for seasonal jobs available in the area, visit these websites:

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