Hamilton County budget cuts put more financial pressure on townships

Hamilton County Commissioners have reached an agreement on a $208 million budget for next year. The sheriff's department is taking a $2 million hit this year and a $4 million hit next year.

Additionally, Green, Colerain, Sycamore and Anderson Townships will no longer be patrolled by sheriff's deputies unless they are paid for.

Hamilton County Commission President Greg Hartmann says the new budget will require tough decisions from department heads and township trustees.

"We're looking at another year of cuts at the county. 21 of 29 departments will see reductions in their budget for next year," said Hartmann.

"We're simply not going to have the cash. We've been in the process for the last year of cutting as many expenses as possible," said Tony Upton, a Green Township Trustee. "We've cut out staff, we've cut...programs in half to conserve cash."

Upton says all townships are having to make do with less money so those without police department will now have to pay for it or do without.

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