Sunspots will cause Northern Lights across the country again

Image Credit: Stanford Solar Group, Stanford University
Image Credit: Stanford Solar Group, Stanford University

(FOX19) - By: FOX19 Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer email

The sun is getting more and more active and because of CME (coronal mass ejection) activity, aurora displays, or Northern Lights, are possible again across the country in the next couple of weeks.

The solar image shows a large sunspot group more than 40,000 km (25, 000 miles) across. The three largest dark cores are larger in diameter than Earth.

The sunspot group has already caused a large CME, but it was not directed at Earth. As the sunspots travel across the sun's face in the next few weeks, CMEs could be directed at Earth causing aurora displays in the united States once again.

If you see the "Northern Lights" in the next couple of weeks, grab your camera and take some pictures. Send them to

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