National Guard soldiers looking for work when returning home

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Ohio and Kentucky National Guards are trying to help soldiers find full-time jobs. As these soldier citizens return home from the battle front, they are forced to find work if they don't have a job waiting for them.

According to the Kentucky National Guard, the unemployment numbers can reach as high as 20 percent of national guard troops, despite job protections during deployments.

"We want our folks to be at the front of the line instead at the end of the line when there is a call for jobs," said retired Col. Phil Miller. He says its their leadership skills that should set them apart.

"They know where to be one time. They bring dedication and discipline to the work place. They know how to dress. They are courteous. And, above all, the understand respect."

The Kentucky National Guard is holding an employment seminar in Louisville this week. Col. Miller says there are plans to hold one in Northern Kentucky as soon as the 1204th Aviation Support Battalion based in Independence comes back from deployment in nine moths to a year.

For jobs offered by the Ohio National guard, visit:

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