High schools educate athletes after major steroid bust

KINGS MILLS, OH (FOX19) - Many athletic programs throughout Warren County are making sure young athletes know the dangers of steroids after authorities made a major drug bust on Nov. 1st.

"It's surprising, that something happens like that in your own backyard," said Phil Poggi, Kings High School Athletic Director.

Thousands of vials filled with steroids were seized by authorities earlier this week. The sellers of the drugs were targeting high school athletes.

"I was talking to our coaching staff right after it and we feel we do a great job here of connecting with our kids," said Poggi. "We feel if something was going on that our kids are open enough to come talk with us."

Authorities did not identify the high schools where the athletes buying the steroids attended. But Poggi says steroids have not been an issue at Kings High School.

"We have not had any steroid incidents here over the last 10 to 12 years," said Poggi.

Poggi says that's a result of year-round educational programs for young athletes.

"We talk about steroids in our three mandatory parent meetings that we have prior to each sports season, that they all have to attend," said Poggi. "The coaches talk about it and we have signs posted about the dangers of anabolic steroids in all of our locker rooms."

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