New police cameras make neighborhoods safer

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - New cameras go online in local neighborhoods and police say they are already helping catch criminals.  Eight new public safety cameras are now operational in the Over-The-Rhine and five others in College Hill.

Police say within hours of installation one camera caught a man smoking crack on the street.  The information was relayed to officers on the street and the man was arrested moments later.

Another man was observed by a camera going car to car selling drugs. Officers approached the man who ran, but was later arrested with oxycodone and a loaded handgun.

Captain Mike Neville, head of CPD's Data Integration Center, says the cameras don't make law enforcement easier, but they do make law enforcement more efficient.

"They're a deterrent. At some point people know that they are there," said Captain Neville. "They know they don't want to be where the cameras are, and more importantly when we are able to capture a crime, we're able to use it as evidence for court and for a conviction to make that area all that much safer."

The Data Integration Center and the cameras are paid for with Homeland Security funds and private donations.  More cameras are scheduled to be installed in the future.

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