Parents camp out to get children enrolled at magnet school

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) - Dozens of parents are camping out at Fairview German Language School in Clifton, hoping to get their children enrolled in the magnet school. Enrollment for the regular application period doesn't begin until Nov. 16, but there are so few spots available that parents began sleeping out on the sidewalk Sunday to secure their spot in line.

Students must live within the areas of the magnet elementary schools they want to attend, and parents must go to the school to put in an application.

FOX19 spoke with Mollie Bailey, of Northside, who is number 6 in line.  She says the group of parents has laid down some ground rules about taking breaks, and are all getting along well right now.  Bailey told FOX19, the school's reputation, word of mouth from current parents there, and its report card all convinced her that camping out to get her son into Kindergarten was worth it, "I carried him for 9 months.  What's 10 more days?"

Board of Education President Eve Bolton understands the draw of magnet schools, and tells FOX19 that the district is doing everything it can to continue to put resources, good teachers, and new buildings in communities across the city, so that parents will feel confident sending their children to schools close to home, if they choose.

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