Special Report: Prostitution in Butler County

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - It was just before sunset  on a Thursday night, and the Hamilton police department's vice unit has already arrested two woman for soliciting sex to an undercover officer.
"Sometimes it's a vicious cycle because they have no where to turn, they're back up on the street, and have no where to go, some are homeless, some are supporting their drug habit," said Officer Kristy Collins.
Risking their lives for just $10 or $20, the women can be seen day and night getting into cars with their next john, having sex with the next stranger, and then searching for their next high. Tanya Wilson, 53, is the first to admit her addiction to crack is what drives her to sell her body.

"I'm tired, I'm rundown," Wilson said.
The Hamilton grandmother is one of six women arrested that night, back at the jail she told us she's been on the streets for 15 years and misses her family. 
"I just want to get my life straight, I got three beautiful grand babies and I want to get back home to them, be a grandma," Wilson said.
Motherhood is a sensitive subject for these women, many of them have been turned away by family members who are unwilling to witness the destructive impact of their addiction.
"You have to be around positive people I believe, you can't come back to the same environment and expect to change," said another woman who was arrested, and didn't want to be identified.
But then there's Celina Sanders, a Middletown woman making a change for the better. 
"I had given up, but I had a small hope," Sanders said.
A sense of hope carried the 50-year-old mother of four through a dark time in her life, when she nearly hit rock bottom.
"For many, many years, I was out there on drugs, struggling, prostituting, my life was just so destructive," Sanders said.
With a brand new spirit and zest for life Sanders calls her journey from a life of drugs and prostitution a testimony.
"The drugs wasn't the problem, what was the problem was me, that was the major problem, so I had to make a life decision, did I chose to live or die," Sander said.
Sanders is now eight months clean in recovery at the Center of Hope, a shelter for women and Children in Middletown.
"They begin to get some counseling, and they begin to get some parenting, and they really can get some teaching on that's not how life is supposed to be, so it really, really helps and I think that the key part is structure, and some of the girls have never had any structure," said Dr. Mitchell Foster of the Center of Hope.
It was structure, counseling and prayer along with positive mentors at her church and prayer that gave Sanders a purpose in life, a life that had new meaning, leaving her past behind and never looking back.
"That's where it started at, right there, right here at the Center of Hope and with all my wonderful network in my life, " Sander said.

For more information about the Center of Hope call 513-217-5056

Drug treatment centers in Butler County:

Sojourner Recovery Services: 513-868-7654

Transitional Living Inc: 513-863-6383

Butler County Alcohol Drug & Addiction Services Board: 513-867-0777

Community Behavioral Health Inc.: 513-424-1193

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