International Firefighters union makes final push against Issue 2

 With their message big, bold and on wheels the International Association of Firefighters union bus pulled into Middletown for a pit-stop, bringing a strong message on board. A caravan of IAFF union leaders traveled from Washington DC to Middletown for one last push before voters head to the polls.
"This is really all about power, and this about the governor and everyone who supported the governor's SB5 bill, that simply wants to have all the power," said IAFF Union President Harold Schaitberger.   
Schaitberger rallied the troops, getting them fired up to get out no vote, he calls Issue 2 a power play orchestrated by a right wing ideological extreme group in the statehouse.
"This about trying to take all of these workers off the playing field," Schaitberger said.
The crowd was mainly composed of Middletown firefighters who already face a brownout of station 84 to save money in the city's budget, they say Issue 2 would further strip away the sense of control that is critical to their job
" For us in Middletown, we're already short staffed, now we can't negotiate safe standards on our fire gear and response times and those types of things that we feel are very important to us," said Middletown Firefigthers Union President Jon Harvey.

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