Issue 2 debate heated on election-eve

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - On the eve of election day, cheers for equality between the public and private sector rang out in Liberty Township.

Gov. John Kasich used the example of a single mom, struggling not only to pay for her own families health care, but also forced to pay for the health care for those in the public sector.

"She is being forced to pay for someone else's healthcare who doesn't want to step up and pay for their insurance and their retirement," said Kasich. "That has to stop, that's not fair."

At the rally, issue two supporters echoed Gov. Kasich's statements, agreeing police officers, firefighters and teachers must contribute their fair share, paying 10 percent toward their pensions and 15 percent of their healthcare costs.

"It's time for the citizens to have a say in how the public employee contracts are negotiated," said Mike Stater, Issue 2 supporter.

Those hoping to repeal Issue 2 on election day have been just as vocal. Local firefighters are concerned collective bargaining reform means less power to negotiate for staffing and equipment.

"For us in Middletown, we're already short staffed, now we can't negotiate safe standards on our fire gear and response times and those types of things that we feel are very important to us," said Jon Harvey with the Middletown firefighters union.

Those voting "no" on issue two say, the piece of legislation is nothing more than union busting, and it's unfair to blame public employees for the states budget woes.

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