Little Miami levy finally approved by voters

MORROW, OH (FOX19) - Voters have finally approved a levy for the Little Miami School District by a slim margin.

The district was placed under state control and fiscal emergency after eight straight failed levies. The levy passed by a vote of 6,604 for to 6,549 against.

"It is just such a relief at this point to finally get over the hump and finally, get the gift from the community that we've been asking for, and to be able to begin the process of reclaiming local control of our schools," said Interim Superintendent Greg Power.

But, Power is cautiously optimistic, since the percentage difference between no and yes votes is less than one percent, there will be a recount, still he says they're glad they've made it this far.

When it's official, in a few weeks when the board of elections declares the results official, that's when we'll be full go to work at making sure we start returning services."

Several programs and busing service has been cut because the district is in an $11 million hole.
Powers says busing could be restored as early as January and special programs next school year. Those who voted no on the levy like retiree Frank Pergrem say, he doesn't know how he'll absorb an extra expense.
"I can't go back to work, because I'm on total disability, so all I have to do is just cut corners somewhere," Pergrem said.

The 13.95 mil levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home an extra $430 a year, passage of the levy takes the district out of fiscal emergency by 2014.

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