Cincinnati City Council receives major overhaul in election

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - City Council is shaking things up with four seats set to change.

Cincinnati voters replaced Chris Bortz, Leslie Ghiz, Amy Murray and Wayne Lippert with Yvette Simpson, P.G. Sittenfeld, Chris Smitherman and Chris Seelbach.

Remaining council members are Roxanne Qualls, Cecil Thomas, Laure Quinlivan, Wendell Young and Charlie Winburn.

It was a sweeping win for the Democrats on council, taking seven out of the nine possible spots.

At 27 Sittenfeld will become the youngest member of council, not far behind 29-year-old Chris Seelbach.

"I'm proud to be a Democrat but I'm also proud to have built a broad coalition that has Democrats, Republicans, Independents, east side, west side, black, white, young, old so I'm going to work with anybody and everybody to get things done," says Sittenfeld.

Simpson, an avid supporter of the streetcar, says people wanted change and there will hopefully be no more close 5-4 votes.

"We've just got a well balanced, I think, diverse, strong, smart group and we've all had great ideas we work very well together and I think you're going to see things happen and they're going to happen quickly," says Simpson.

In his fourth and final term on council, Cecil Thomas is now the senior ranking member, happy to have a super majority for the first time since he took office in 2005.

"I think the city is going to see a lot more progress, I really believe that at this point. How this council addresses the budget is going to be a tell tale sign of how we're going to move forward going into the next two years," says Thomas.

New council members will be sworn in on December 1 and start work immediately on the 2012-2013 city budget due by December 31.

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