Business professionals teach students about accounting

WINTON HILLS, OH (FOX19) - Elementary students in Greater Cincinnati put their math skills to the test on Wednesday for 'Accounting for Kids' Day.

Accounting for Kids teaches children how to make smart financial decisions and become savvy consumers and future business leaders. Approximately 800 business and financial professionals in Cincinnati brought real-world investing and savings concepts to life to about 3,200 students.

The professionals led students in fourth through eighth grade in a fast-pace game that teaches students the potential risks and rewards of stock market investing. Students then buy and sell stock and track their progress.

Ohio law requires districts to provide every student with financial literacy education before they graduate from high school.

"I am passionate about the children in our region being taught the fundamentals of financial education in the classroom," said Crystal Faulkner, partner at the CPA and business advisory firm Cooney, Faulkner and Stevens, LLC, the founders of AFK Day. "I firmly believe the lack of basic financial skills was an instrumental factor in the current economic crisis our nation is facing."

The 12th Annual AFK Day was held Wednesday morning at Winton Hills Academy.

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