Kindergartner suspended for bringing toy gun to school

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A kindergartner has been suspended from Cheviot Elementary after it was discovered he brought a toy gun to school.

Liam Adams, 5, was sent home Wednesday with a letter stating that he would be suspended for three days for possessing a "dangerous weapon or object."

Cincinnati Public Schools prohibits firearms and firearms look-alikes. The school system issued a statement saying, "I can confirm that the kindergartner did have a toy gun and was showing it in the lunchroom. The assistant principal investigated. This was a violation of the code of conduct and called for technically a 3-day emergency removal...this will not go on the kindergartner's permanent record."

Liam's mother, Valerie Buchert is upset.  She says the suspension is a too much.

"Its not even worth a suspension, he's a baby...and a little tiny toy gun not even the size of my hand, its just ridiculous," she said.

Officials with the school system declined to be interviewed about the incident but they say their policy is clear and that "Its part of the way we need to live in our society."

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