Little Miami district anticipates key services returning

It's business as usual in the Little Miami School district, teachers are teaching and students are learning -- a sense of normalcy that's been almost non-existent under the cloud of massive cuts.

"People are teaching kids, we're back to business, that's where we're focusing today,"  said Interim Superintendent Greg Power.
Power says with the close result that came down to just 61 votes, they're not celebrating just yet, but they are planning the process of returning some key programs, such as full busing beginning in January and starting next school year, art music and gym for grades K-8, neighborhood elementary schools for grades K-2, and everyday half day kindergarten.

"There's a sense of relief and anticipation that we're going to and rebuild what we once had here," Power said.
Parents say the restoration of programs like busing, and specials is huge.
"I know that we're going to start to see some of our electives returned at the high school level, I think as we move on that's something that I definitely want to see more of, having a Freshman just starting in High School," said parent Julie Pearlman.
Teachers like Donna Chilcote say she's thankful to voters for investing in her students.
"My gratitude goes out to those community supporters and the voters," Chilcote said.
"It's going to effect a lot of us, and some of them are in worse shape than I am," said Morrow voter Frank Pergrem.
Those who voted no one the levy, like Pergrem, say they're disappointed, but he'll make it work.
"I'll just have to go with the flow, the best man won," Pergrem  said.
The district is on pace to get out of fiscal emergency in the year 2014, Power says it will be about 10 days before the district knows if a recount will be necessary.
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