What caused the Lakota levy to fail

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - It took nine times for the Little Miami School District to pass a levy. The ninth time around, the district took a different approach promising voters to restore bussing, every day kindergarten, some classes and the reopening of two elementary schools.

In comparison, the Lakota School District never made a promise to restore any services or programs.

"They said, 'no, even if we pass the levy, you're not going to get your bussing back,'" said Rich Hoffman, spokesman for No Lakota Levy. "So there was not a very large incentive for anyone to really step across the lines."

The 4.95 mill levy asked for by the district was to pay for the general operations of the district. Levy chairperson Sandy Wheatley says she's still analyzing what caused the levy to fail by more than 2,400 votes.

"I don't think you can land on any one or two things, I think there a lot of things that came together to land us where we did last night," said Wheatley.

While the Lakota School District did not promise to give back or take away any specific services or programs, Hoffman says that's only part of the problem.

"There salary structure has way to many people on the top end," said Hoffman.  "And some of those people on the top end need to figure out do you want to get off the ship or do you want to work within the ship. Do you want to reduce your compensation package. Because you have to work within a budget."

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