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Easy green moving

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By Scott Meeks

Moving can be a real drain on your pocket book.  And with all those boxes and packing paper, it can also be tough on the environment.  But you can make your next move hassle-free and earth-friendly by following a few easy, green tips.


- Ask grocery stores if you can have some of their old cardboard boxes.  It won't cost you anything and you can recycle them after you're done with your move.

- Invest in rubber or plastic bins.  They're sturdy and travel well.  Once you're done moving, you can use them to store clothes and holiday decorations.


- Newspaper is still a great option because you can recycle it.

- Look for new eco-friendly products.  There are lots of them out there!  I found biodegradable packing peanuts made of corn starch and packing paper made from sustainable forests.  The peanuts dissolve in water and the packing paper can be mixed in with your recycling.

- Use what you have.  Blankets, sheets and towels make perfect buffers for your breakables.


- Once you've made your move, keep your bubble wrap and other packing materials.  Store it away so you can use it the next time you move.  Or for when a family member needs moving materials.

- Ask your moving company if they'd like your packing materials.  Some companies reuse it or resell it at a discount.

- Make sure your moving company is equipped with a GPS.  A GPS will ensure that they won't get lost while trying to find your new home.  That means no wasted gas, no wasted time and no wasted money.

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