Penn State scandal prompts local reaction

Joe Paterno
Joe Paterno

Penn State University's students expressed their anger, rioting in several spots across Penn State's campus Wednesday night.

But while thousands of Penn State students stick up for their legendary coach, local Cincinnati sports fans don't share those feelings.

"He is a disgrace to Penn State, he is a disgrace to college football and he should have been out of the game 10 years ago," said Mike Kazy.

"If you were walking down the street and you saw a child being mauled by a dog, would you pull that dog off of him, yeah you would," said Michelle Holland. "It is ridiculous that he didn't say anything earlier. The entire staff should be fired. There should not be anyone left at that place that had anything to do with that."

Joe Paterno spent 61-years at Penn State, 45 of those years as head football coach. He has more wins than anyone who has coached college football; but the man known as Joe-Pa may be remembered for something he didn't do, rather than the things he did.

"Good coach, but he wasn't looking out for the children he helped to develop," said John Hall.

"This is such a huge issue and I think before it is all over, I think there are things that haven't been disclosed yet and it's going to be pretty ugly," said Kazy.

Brian Gregg, spokesman for the Hamilton County Department of Job & Family Services, says parents need to be on the lookout for warning signs if they suspect their child has been abused.

"Are they talking about things they really shouldn't be talking about. Are they doing drawings that are maybe inappropriate? Are they acting out in an inappropriate way? So its kind of their behavior and whether or not its age appropriate," he says.

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