'1' a popular number for Kentucky Lottery players

Repeating digits tend to be a popular combination for Kentucky Lottery Pick 3 and Pick 4 players, but 11/11/11/ is especially unique.

Players are expected to quickly snap up Pick 3 tickets with the 1-1-1 combination and Pick 4 tickets with the 1-1-1-1 combination.

As of 9:30 a.m. Friday morning, all of all 1-1-1-1 Pick 4 tickets for the day's midday and evening drawing were sold out.  All of the Pick 3 midday tickets have been sold, but less than 800 of the 1-1-1 tickets were still available for the evening draw.

"We expect these remaining Pick 3 combinations to sell out quickly today," said the KLC's Vice President of Communications Chip Polston. "Players looking for these specific numbers should check in at their local lottery retailer immediately because they won't last long."

A maximum of 2,500 $1 straight match tickets for a particular set of Pick 3 numbers are all that can be bought for the game's midday or evening drawing, as the potential prize liability for any combination cannot exceed $1.5 million. Pick 4 players have 300 $1 straight match midday and 300 $1 straight match evening tickets available for any numeric combination as this game has the same $1.5 million liability limit.

The last time a winning 1-1-1 Pick 3 number was drawn was August 16 2009. The last time 1-1-1-1 appeared as a Pick 4 winner was May 25 2005, and was the only time that combination has ever been drawn.

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